Why are Dedicated Servers in UAE the Future?

Dedicated Servers

Businesses require the best hosting provider to host their website on an appropriate server as technology advances. In recent years, the use of dedicated servers has been growing in the UAE, and there are so many reasons why it is the future of hosting. Better security, configuration, performance, and higher bandwidth will benefit from a dedicated server in the UAE. And there are many more benefits provided by this server.

What is a Dedicated Server in UAE?

Dedicated servers are known for their performance and security. You can control your server on your own. No other website can hack your data stored on a server as compared to shared hosting. UAE Dedicated Servers provide reliability and high-level uptime that will upgrade your performance. You do not share your resources with any other website. A dedicated Server in UAE can handle large user traffic on the website and data efficiently. They are more stable than other hosting plans. They are also reliable because they can be found physically in one place rather than shared with other machines. So you can expect your website to be online even when you are getting more traffic.

Dedicated Hosting in UAE also gives you full control over your installation and configuration. You can customize it as per your business requirements. Choose the operating system and any software packages that will suit your needs. It comes with high-security features that enable you to store your data so that no other neighboring website can see it, and it helps you protect from any malicious attack like a DDoS attack. The professional team is always operating your system and checking for any malicious activity on your server.

Reasons why Dedicated Server UAE will be the future of hosting

Dedicated Servers in UAE are going to be the future of the hosting environment, as they give immense features to their clients and benefit them with rising user traffic on their websites. Here are some points that will highlight the wonderful features that a dedicated server provides and prove to be the best hosting solution for every business website in the UAE.


Multiple businesses chose these dedicated servers in UAE just for security purposes in the UAE. On shared hosting, website data is stored on the same server, and that can be very risky for websites. It can adversely harm your website and its traffic. It is the responsibility of your hosting company to install firewalls and other malware software to protect your data. But on a dedicated server in UAE, you are the only one on the server, so you get full security checks.


A Dedicated Server proves to be the most efficient hosting solution among all the servers. It provides high-end performance for the website. All the resources, like CPU, RAM, and storage, are dedicated to one website or application, so you can customize or optimize it as per your choice. With dedicated servers in the UAE, you will get faster read and write speeds for media files. If your business is growing, you can easily upgrade to more resources on your server without switching your data files.


Dedicated Servers in UAE are more flexible than any other server. You can customize it to your preferences. Upgrading storage and resources, setting configuration settings, changing bandwidth, and switching software applications are only possible on a UAE-dedicated server. This flexibility allows businesses better to meet the changing demands of the technological environment.


They are the most cost-effective option among all other servers as per the benefits they provide. Your service provides full support to resolve your issues. The benefits it provides are better than any other hosting option. It is worth the money to invest in dedicated servers in the UAE.

How can Serverwala help you with Cheap Dedicated servers in UAE?

Serverwala is a leading data center Service Provider that can add value to your business. Your best hosting solution is here to help you with any kind of issue you are facing regarding servers. Their expert team is working 24 hours a day to provide exclusive service that will benefit your organization’s website and bring you all the solutions. They can upgrade your resources like RAM storage, 99.90% uptime value, a robust network, and premium bandwidth at the most affordable price—free website building options and other tools that will enhance your traffic on your website.

Here are some plans that Serverwala is providing at an affordable price. They provide the Xeon(R) CPU at their lowest price of 350 dollars with 16 GB. As the price grows, storage also increases with usage capacity. If you have an E-commerce website, you need more storage, like 32 GB, depending on your plans. Their range is between 350 to 750 dollars, which is comparably cheaper than another hosting provider.


If you want to increase traffic, then dedicated servers in UAE are the best option to migrate your website. It will provide multiple benefits that will entirely change your website and attract more users because nowadays there is a need for a dedicated server. You can improve the reliability, scalability, and performance of your website. They will provide full-time support to their clients with the most attractive plans.


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