What is Chlamydia? Causes of Chlamydia infection


Chlamydia is a sexual disorder that spreads through sexual activity with your partner. This sensual intercourse can be done through oral sex, anal sex, and vaginal sex when two partners have intercourse without using barriers. Its symptoms may vary from person to person. However, common symptoms include burning, rash, itching, or milky discharge from the genital tract of both men and women. E-medicine services provide chlamydia treatment online. This online treatment is quite trending and common. It is more reliable and convenient to communicate with an online doctor. Many people suffering from STIs feel embarrassed to discuss such health issues with anyone. They feel shy and uncomfortable interacting with medical officers through in-person visits regarding sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia.

What is Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is a highly infectious disease that spreads when two persons interact physically for sexual pleasure. It may involve mouth sex and intercourse by the genital area. This bacterial infection affects the health of many individuals each year. Its causes are widespread and affect millions of people. This sexually transmitted infection is also known as a silent infection because many people suffering from this infection have no symptoms at all. However, it is advisable to treat this illness at an early stage. It can lead to many severe health complications if left untreated.


Many patients suffering from STIs have no symptoms or mild symptoms. Ts symptoms are significant in both men and women. In females, its manifestations may involve:

  • Unusual vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor.
  • Pelvic pain.
  • Itching and burning during pee.

However, in males, its manifestation may involve:

  • Milky discharge from the penis.
  • Pain or inflammation in the genital area.
  • A feeling of sensation during urination.

Moreover, many individuals with this sexual health complication have no clue at all. So, it is necessary to get regular monitoring for the timely diagnosis and treatment of this sexual disease.

What are the complications of this sexually transmitted infection?

Many complications are associated with Chlamydia. Chlamydia can have severe sexual health complications in both genders. It can lead to many severe health disorders if unaddressed. Its severity can affect the health of both men and women. In men, it can lead to the issue of fertility. Men with untreated chlamydia may suffer from epididymitis, which is a painful situation that leads to pain in the testicles. Men with chlamydia suffer from health issues like erectile dysfunction. However, in females, it can lead to many severe health complications like infertility, premature birth, severe pelvic pain, nausea, and an ectopic pregnancy, which is a life-threatening issue. Furthermore, chlamydia has severe effects on the health of both genders (males and females).

Online treatment of Chlamydia

The best telehealth services enable the patients of chlamydia to have access to medical experts at their convenience. You can share your medical history and sexual health concerns with the remote doctor. A virtual doctor may ask for a self-test. You can have a chlamydia test online. So, he can assess the medical issue accurately. Telehealth providers provide you with the testing kit at your doorstep with return packaging. Based on the results of the test, the doctor prescribes medications for chlamydia. Online doctors recommend antibiotics for the treatment of chlamydia with pain relievers. However, a proper course of these prescribed antibiotics is crucial to cure the infection. Additionally, you need to visit a doctor after completing the course of prescribed medicines. He can retest for your satisfaction and to ensure that the contagion is gone. A virtual doctor enables you to get chlamydia medication online.

Preventions of Chlamydia

Prevention is better than cure. Practice secure sensual methods for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. This prevention care may involve using barriers before intercourse as vaginal and penile condoms. However, it is essential to limit the number of partners for sexual pleasure. An honest interaction about your sexual health with your mate can be beneficial for both. Remember, you need to have regular checkups if you want to secure yourself from sensually transmitted infections. Erotic active individuals must seek health guidance for pleasant sexual health. A tele expert may enable you to have a Chlamydia prescription online.

Causes of Chlamydia

There are many causes of chlamydia. A few of them are as follows:

Unsafe sensual intercourse

Unprotected sensual intercourse may lead to many sexual ailments. It refers to engaging in intercourse without using contraceptives or barriers like condoms. This unprotected sex with an infected partner may lead to many sexual disorders. The contagions can exist in the vaginal fluid and can transmit to other persons via physical intimacy. It is advisable to use any form of contraceptives or barriers to prevent the transmission of infection. Sharing sex toys with your partner can also lead to many sexually transmitted diseases.

Multiple partners for sexual pleasure

Engaging in sexual intercourse with many partners can lead to chlamydia. Multiple partners for sensual activity can increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. The more individuals you have for sex, the higher you suffer from sexual ailments. An infected person can lead the transmission of bacteria causing chlamydia.

Non-barrier usage

Sexual activity with your partner without using barriers can increase the risk of many health issues. Sex barriers like condoms must be used for safe sexual health. These barriers help decrease the risk of sexually transmitted ailments.

Sexual intimacy at a young age

Many young individuals have multiple sex partners. So, the risk of infection is high in them. Moreover, young age people are more inclined towards sexual activities. That is why, the risk of sexually transmitted contagions is high in such individuals.

Medical history with STIs

Individuals with a history of STI have the risk of getting an STI again. So it is advisable to have open communication with your sex partner to stay secure from STDs.

However, sexually active individuals must have sex education and regular checkups with the doctor.


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