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Which is the favorite social media app that you like and use the most? Well, it can be any: TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or Discord. It is sure that you won’t have anyone but many favorites. So, what makes these apps the best and worst? What makes users feel like this is the app they have been looking for?

The question is how these social media applications become best and what makes them get millions of users and downloads. Hence, the blog will cover what makes any app the best and all the key features that any social media platform should have to grab user attention.

Let’s discuss some of the social media apps that are widely used and what makes them special.

These Elements Make Social Media Apps Grab Millions Of Downloads

Some of the key elements that make these social apps valuable and fun are as follows.

·         Consistent UI/UX Design On Cross-Platform

Consistent UI/UX design means that whether the user is using the app on a mobile device or the web version of the app. Wither way the features and layout are the same. This way the user feels comfortable using the app on both platforms.

Another thing to add here is that when users are habitual in using the app on a smartphone, they expect the web version to be the same. Take the example of Facebook, the web version has the same layout and home page design as the mobile design. This helps users to not roam around and get confused finding the navigation tools

·         Engaging Features

Engaging features are another element that makes the app successful. Content sharing and saving, photo filters, a built-in editor, save posts for later, and many other features that allow maximum socializing. Take an example of the most viral social media app TikTok.

This app is famous for its built-in templates, sounds, beauty filters, and content-sharing features. So, if there is a need to Develop an App Like TikTok then it would be great, as app development companies are looking forward to developing clone apps with better and smarter features.

·         Security

Security features like two-factor factor authentication make users trust the app more than ever. After all, users want to feel safe while using any social media application.

If there is one thing that makes apps go in the bin, is the one with poor security features. All these popular apps you use are encrypted and have advanced security features.

Take the example of Instagram, this social media app has a smart security feature that allows user to keep their accounts private. In terms of forgetting passwords, they give you a series of codes that can be used for later use in case you forget the current passwords.

·         In-App Messaging

It is obvious that if the blog is on social media, then in-app texting has to be there. It is not necessary if there is an app built only for sharing and uploading duets and videos. Communication is necessary, so this feature is a must-have.

Also, this feature needs to meet the modern-day’s requirements and demands as well. People love sharing memes and gifs when they are texting to support their message. So, having a feature that lets users share memes and gifs will make the app engaging and entertaining.  

·         In-App Video Calling With Filters

Another feature that makes these social media apps remarkable is the in-app video calling but in unique ways. Video calling has become the need of the hour for people in long-distance relationships. It may be a necessity for a couple of kids who live far away from their parents abroad.

Take an example of the widely used social media app, Snapchat. This is one of the most popular apps of all with 1B+ downloads and 33 million positive reviews. So, what makes this app this hyped? Well, it is the features that make it unique.

Snapchat has a built-in video calling feature that lets you have a video call with filters on. This is something unique and no other app has it. Users can call their friends and family using cool and fun features making communication engaging and entertaining.

·         Silent Mode

There are hours when users do not feel like talking or are busy with stuff but the notifications keep coming. As a result, it is easy to get distracted from these notifications so productivity becomes slow. However, many apps and tools help people with this distraction but the thing is that one should download another app when this feature can be integrated into any social media app.

Take the example of Instagram, this social media application has come up with this smart feature. Users can switch on their silent mode at the hours they think are busier. This helps them not to receive any sort of notification; be it messages, comments, or likes. No number of notifications will be received once the timer is set.

·         Customized Privacy

Another feature that is the most demanding and makes the users feel safe and trust the app. When users are given the liberty to maintain the app as they want, the app becomes useful to them. Customization and personalization in any application make users become the owners of the app.

This feature helps them to keep their login details, pictures, and videos private. Moreover, users also want to keep their content private from their followers as well. People want to hide followers, followings, their profile picture, and their bio data.

Take the example of LinkedIn, this social networking app lets users hide their profile picture from connections that have certain grade levels. Also, when the connection is someone outside your mutuals they will not be able to view the display pictures. There is another feature that needs to be added here, users can hide their current working organization. So, if the user wants to hide their company, it will show Confidential to LinkedIn members.


So, this was all about the features that need to be added to the social media applications and make them successful.


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